The Mother Earth Farm team

Jennica Hopkins

Chloe Drew


Chloe started the farm while pregnant with her son Miles and staying home with her then 3 year old daughter Madelyn. She started her love for local foods by volunteering on the board of the Indiana County Farmers’ Market, marketing and event planning, when she decided to try her hand at growing on a larger scale. Around the same time, she started volunteering as the youth garden educator for the Indiana Community Gardens. Her passion for being surrounded by nature equals her passion for working with children, especially in nature. She’s a full-time mother of three wild and sweet farm kids, educator to garden growing youth, and enjoys her days spent under the sun in the soil. Growing organic produce and providing fresh, healthy food for her family and her community brings her great joy, but above all working in the dirt with her kids by her side is the reason she’s taken this path.


Jennica got her start in farming during the 6 years she spent living in St. Petersburg, FL, which has a thriving urban farming scene. She volunteered multiple times a week at Wunderfarms community gardens (who donate their harvest to in need communities each week) and at the Edible Peace Patch (urban elementary school gardens). Feeling homesick for family and cooler weather and wanting to break away from the 9-5, Jennica moved back to Pennsylvania in the spring of 2017 to join the Farm. While she still works remotely, part-time, for Raymond James Financial as a Sr. Adviser, she’s able to spend the rest of her hours at the Farm doing what she loves—getting her hands dirty and growing delicious vegetables! She thrills at and takes great pride in creating unique recipes in which to enjoy the Farm’s veggies. If she’s not busy turning compost, pounding away at T-posts, building a hoop house, or any number of the more labor intensive farm tasks, you can usually find a beer in her hand.

Chloe’s team

From left to Right: Chloe’s husband, Mike, with the kids & a big turkey from the woods surrounding the farm, Madelyn and her wildflowers, Miles soaking wet after falling in the Farm creek and Henry exploring.

Jennica’s team


From left to right: Not far from Jennica at any given time you’ll find her loyal companion Yogi; he loves fresh green beans and hunting voles. Alex, Jennica’s fiance, joined the Farm in 2019 to kick off the Farm’s chicken endeavor. Alex’s favorite food is Jennica’s farm BLT made with kale instead of lettuce.


Not pictured: our brother, Ian, who meticulously starts our heirloom tomatoes for us each year. Our dad, Kim, who had the foresight to purchase the land the farm is on and graciously lets us farm it as we wish. Our mom, Cindy, who lends a hand helping with the kids when Chloe needs both hands and a clear mind, as well as the rest of our sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews who have supported our decision to follow our dreams and encourage us each time they eat our tomatoes or beans or garlic or…