Scallion Pancakes with Ginger Dipping Sauce @thewildharvest

Ingredients: Pancakes: 1 cup chopped scallions, 2 cups all purpose flour, 1 cup water, 1/8 tsp Chinese five spice powder, 4 tsp olive oil, Salt and Pepper

Ginger Sauce: 1/4 cup coconut aminos (soy sauce replacement), 1/4 cup rice vinegar, 1/4 cup chopped , scallions, 1 tsp grated ginger, 1 tsp red pepper flakes, 1 tsp honey


Sift flour and slowly pour in water while mixing until completely combined. Set aside.

While dough rests, make the sauce - mix all ingredients together and whisk.

Add chopped scallions, salt, pepper, and five spice powder to flour mixture.

Mix well.

Heat oil in a pan over medium heat and pour on mixture.

Using a spoon, evenly distribute the mixture into a pancake shape.

Fry for 2-4 min, flip and fry other side. Continue this until all pancakes are made.

Cut into small triangles and serve with the dipping sauce.

Great for an appetizer or served with a salad for a complete meal.